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"Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all" - Oscar Romero

PeaceWorks' April Newsletter including,

  • 67th Humanitarian Aid Shipment
  • 2015 Summer Delegation to Nicaragua

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Our Mission

PeaceWorks is a New Jersey nonprofit tax-exempt organization which works to aid the peoples of the Americas and support progressive change in our own nation.

Our continuing mission
  • To embrace the people of the Americas, in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, and in our communities in the United States -- in common struggle for justice, human rights, and sustainable economies.
  • To work in our communities to inform the public about Latin America and to help forge a movement for progressive change, empowering people to act for justice throughout the Americas.
  • To recognize that their fight is our fight as the global economy weaves a fabric of interdependence.

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“Why Nicaragua? Why devote so much of your life to this work?”

"The questioning and some answers come back to the relationships PeaceWorks has built with our partner organizations, our commitments to them as friends and as organizations of inspiration and accomplishment. It comes back to the continuing need of the communities these organizations serve – the poorest of the poor, communities at the extreme margins of poverty and at extreme risk from exploitation and environmental change. The answers lie also in how much we gain, how much we learn from our relationships and our work with our partners. We liberate ourselves by helping liberate others. We feed ourselves by helping feed others. We preserve our future by nurturing the future of others."

- Jim Burchell, September 2013

Jim Burchell, Presente!

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